7 January 2011

FT takes lunch with Koolhaas

The Financial Times recently published an article entitled 'Lunch with the FT: Koolhaas.' The article, written by Edwin Heathcote, recounts the critics meeting with Rem Koolhaas over lunch during last year's Architecture Biennale (2010) in Venice.

Rem Koolhaas (Copyright James Ferguson)

On the whole the article doesn't deal with the actual conversation, despite anecdotal evidence of what they ate (with associated 'receipt' at the end) but instead gives a rough history of 'key-moments' in the Koolhaas's career with one or two quotations from Koolhaas himself (responding to questions/observations during the meal). There was though one particular snippet that I thought was worth sharing. “When I started,” Koolhaas tells Heathcote, recounting an image used in his exhibition on preservation at the Biennale, “the suggestion was that the architect would work for the public good. That photo emanates those good intentions. But architecture has been taken over by the private sector, we now serve private interests. There is this irony that as we have become more famous we are also taken less seriously.”


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