23 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

As it's Christmas it seems only fitting that I share a few shots of Manchester transformed by snow, as seen from my own perch in New Islington. The first, taken at night on December 15th, shows snow falling, with the faint silhouette of the city centre traceable against the night's sky, the red light of the Arndale sign is one of the few truly recognisable 'landmarks' just left of centre. In the foreground the new snow is falling on the frozen canals and waterways, with the corten lights of Old Mill Street bathing the street in an eerie yellow wash.

Night time snow fall

The second, taken on the morning of December 20th, is over a collection of geese (one short of a gaggle) as they make a rare journey from the canal edge and onto the empty car park adjacent to Chips. There is something rather odd about seeing the local (natural) wildlife wandering amongst the snow streaks of car tyres, a strange mix of the urban and 'natural' environments.