1 October 2011


This blog has been neglected for nearly two months and I hope to rectify that situation in the coming weeks. In truth the reason that nothing new has been posted is that my attention has been fully focused on completing my Masters in Architecture + Urbanism at the Manchester School of Architecture. I submitted my Thesis, entitled "The Architecture of the Profession", one month ago and I am pleased that I have since been awarded a Distinction for my Masters work. An exhibition of work completed by Masters students at the school is currently taking place at the RIBA Hub in Manchester (see here), with a preview evening on Tuesday 4th October (starting 6pm) and a Colloquium on the afternoon of Thursday 6th October (starting 2pm). Over the coming weeks I will be posting further posts about my Thesis, were the research went and some further observations about the architectural profession.

The Architecture of the Profession (Copyright: Luke Butcher)

I have also started a new course at the Manchester School of Architecture: the Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) programme. I have entered into the final year of the programme and will be working in the [Re-Map]ICU unit, with project work focused on Stoke-on-Trent. Two project blogs have been set up, one concerned with the wider interests of the unit this year (see here) and a project blog documenting the area of Fenton specifically, both of which I will be contributing to (see here). As a unit [Re_Map] is preoccupied with data, mapping, networks and visualization and is interested in the contemporary city as a political, economic and cultural hybrid in flux rather than as a fixed place.