11 April 2011

Thesis: Survey

As part of my Thesis on the MA Architecture + Urbanism course at the Manchester School of Architecture I am conducting a survey to examine the percieved role of 'Architects' in the design and construction process. This is part of a wider investigation into issues of professionalism, the future role of Architects and the complex design and construction processes that shape the built envrionment. The questions are designed to test any assumptions I may have drawn from the various sources that have comprised my research to date (see here). It will also provide me with a range of data to interpret and hopefully go on to inform other surveys and interviews I intend to carry out.

The survey is broken into five sections that focus on more specific issues and within each section there are both compulsory and optional questions: 1. The Role of the Architect 2. The Architect in Society 3. Statements 4. The Architect in the Future 5. About You. The demographic information gathered in the survey will help to frame the answers and help to distinguish and differences in how Architects percieve themselves and the percpetions of non-architects. Hopefully the survey will be completed by a range of individuals with different experiences to give me a 'general overview'.

In addition to the survey I plan to carry out a series of interviews and round table discussions. If you would be interested in taking part please contact me on . I am looking for anyone who has been involved in the act of 'creating' a building and has an opinion on how the process works. After completing the survey and interviews the next stage will involve a series of indepth case studies to document the design and construction processes involved with those projects.

The survey can be completed here. Thank you in advance if you do find the time to complete it. The survey will close on Monday 2nd May 2011.